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The Client Experience - How Our Process Works

To give you an idea of our normal client experience, these are a few of the steps that need to happen.  Normally we start with an initial no-charge meeting where we explain what we do and how we do it and answer any questions you might have and discuss your situation.  This first meeting allows both us and you to see where things stand, and we can both think about whether or not we want to work together.  It is very important to have the right fit before starting a working relationship.

Then if we both want to proceed the second meeting is the start of the planning process where we gather information about you so that we can understand the big picture, financially speaking, and build your financial plan.  The third meeting is usually when the financial plan is presented to you so that you can see the numbers and how things look based on what you are doing.  We also present ideas of things that may need to change, and things that definitely need to change.  Once the plan is in place the fourth meeting is when we present an investment plan and start moving assets over and arranging them as agreed upon.


The first thing to know is that we can only recommend investment to our clients, which means you have to sign off on each investment because it is your money.  We specialize in both accumulation savings, and payout investments in retirement - we have investment options no matter where you are in your life.  In short, we recommend to our clients what we invest our own money in.

For stock and bond market investments we refer clients to Guardian Capital, which is a discretionary portfolio manager who has a long-term track record and a low fee compared to other common options out there.  We are one of only a few groups in Calgary that have access to this company, and we are very happy to be able to offer them to our clients as an option.

To help our clients keep track of all of the investments, and insurance, we produce summaries to report everything on one page if possible.  We have a few versions of these summaries and depending on your assets with us determines what you will receive. 

To Summarize what we do with investments

We design and recommend a unique portfolio specifically designed for your situation.  Then we will report to you on a regular basis how that portfolio is doing so that you can keep track and monitor the performance in relation to your Financial Plan.  In short, we try to make it as easy for you as possible to keep track of what is going on with your money.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to develop long-term relationship with our clients as their trusted financial advisor and always be just a phone call away. We want to help our clients find a balance between living for today and saving for retirement. Our goal as financial advisors is to make sure that you as clients, and we as advisors, can all sleep at night.

Company Qualifications

Solid Financial Options Ltd. is made up of 2 Certified Financial Planning professionals (CFP), with over 35 years of combined experience, that manage over $85 million for clients. We are regulated and fully licensed for all the products we recommend.

Independence & Compensation

Solid Financial Options Ltd. does not represent any single bank, trust company, insurance company, or investment company, nor are we a financial institution.  We transact business on your behalf with many different institutions, recommending the most appropriate financial products considering price, cost, contractual provisions, and financial strength of the plan provider.  In our industry compensation is mostly standardized, and we will explain fully what our compensation is.

We are compensated through the assets under administration, and the life insurance products we deal in.  All other services are provided because of the compensation we get from the investments and insurance products.  We are not like a lawyer that charges by the hour, and because of that it allows you to contact us anytime with questions without having to worry about the clock running.

Services Provided

We are a Certified Financial Planning Group, and all of our advice starts with having a financial plan done for you.  Once the Financial Plan is complete, our advice to you will include anything that you require, and listed below are just a few possible examples;

Taxes - how can you reduce your taxes as much as possible?

RRSP's - how much should you contribute, or what should you invest in?

RESP's - How can you help save for your kid's future?

TFSA's - what are these and how do they work?

Insurance - do you have enough coverage, or do you need more or less?

Pension Plan analysis and transfer - is it better to leave it where it is, or move it over?

Corporate Taxes - how to make the most effective use of the corporation, to minimize your taxes and maximize your value in it?

Insurance - for the business and business owners - do you have enough for your business, and how you can provide benefits to your employees?

The Financial Planning Process

Our advice process starts with having a completed Financial Plan. This process takes time and effort from us and from you. It requires us to have a complete picture of your overall financial situation and your personal goals. Once we have this in place it makes all the other advice fall into place. Keep in mind that this Financial Plan is always changing, and so it needs to be updated when necessary. Once we have a plan in place, then comes the investment portfolio recommendations and the insurance review process. Each process is different for each client as everyone's situation is unique.